Thursday, 2 June 2011

Xposure Round Up

For those who know me you will know that all i have been talking and stressing about for the last month is my blimming degree show.

A massive thanks to everyone that came down and saw it, i really appreciate it. For those that missed it here are a few photos to show you what you did miss.
Opening night was rammed (photo: Jono Smithies)

With a free bar it is fair to say i can't even remember this being taken. (photo: Robbie Peachey)

Me with the lovely Ms. Plant standing by my work (photo: Jono Smithies)

My work on display (photo: Francis Ambler)

Finally me in my degree show outfit at the beginning of the night. (Photo: Maria Pilliero)

Haven't actually put my final images on here yet but they can be viewed on my website (it may run super slow i know i need to remedy that)

Many thanks once again, was an absolutely amazing night!
S x

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